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2013’s Ottawa Makeover Project Recipient:
Johanne Kenney


As excited as we were when the 2013 edition of The Ottawa Makeover Project began, the OMP Network of partners could not have predicted the ally we would make in our first recipient.

Johanne Kenney, a 52 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, began her 2013 Ottawa Makeover Project journey after hearing about it on the radio.  She heard the ads on Majic 100 a few times before deciding to submit her video – and we’re glad she did!  After our first meeting with Johanne, we knew the right candidate had landed on our doorstep.

Telling us that she would “make the most of this gift”, she went on to describe what influenced her decision to self-nominate. Johanne had begun a journey following minor surgery in 2009, realizing the importance of caring for herself – mind, body and soul. She had made a decision, a commitment to herself to make better, healthier choices and being part of the Ottawa Makeover Project was the perfect catalyst for permanent change.

Over the course of the Ottawa Makeover Project, Johanne received over $30,000 worth of goods and services, donated by our network of partners, including nutrition and fitness counselling, financial planning advice, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgery, hair styling and esthetics services, clothing and accessories, and a monthly gift.

Inspired by the commitment and contributions of the Ottawa Makeover Project partners, Johanne is dedicated not only to making the best of her OMP gift, but to paying it forward. Months after “The Big Reveal” on CTV Morning Live, Johanne is the first to share all the ways the Ottawa Makeover Project has left a mark on her – and on her family. She has continued to embrace her healthier lifestyle – even successfully tackling a half-marathon and a Spartan Beast Race – and sharing new knowledge with those close to her.

Building on the success of Johanne’s 2013 journey, we’re excited to see what 2014 has in store.