The Application Process is Closed…So What’s Next?

The application process has now closed for the 2014-15 Ottawa Makeover Project…and now the hard work begins for the Ottawa Makeover Project Team!

We will spend the next few days reviewing all of the applications, and getting to know the candidates from their application summary and videos. Over the last number of weeks, we have heard from so many wonderful, inspiring people all looking for expert advice on becoming the best possible version of themselves. Not surprisingly, what we hear most often is the struggle we all encounter in trying to “do it all” and still make time to take care of “number one”!

Our entire team will be meeting very soon to review our amazing candidates, but then we will have to choose JUST ONE PERSON…a task that is very difficult, as each one of our applicants is deserving and we all want to help every single one of them! We thank you for your patience while we do this, and we do promise to contact every applicant by the end of this month to let you know of our decision.

Please do join our 2014-15 Recipient during his or her six month journey with the Ottawa Makeover Project. Updates will be posted on our social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter so, if you aren’t following us yet, now is the time to start. The person we choose needs YOUR support, as well as ours, to be successful in reaching his/her goals.

Thank you!

Johanne and Andrea

Dr. Andrea Stevens
Founder, Ottawa Makeover Project