Why I Choose the Ottawa Makeover Project

Having met Dr. Andrea Stevens and listened to her passion for this initiative, getting involved in the Ottawa Makeover Project in 2013 was an easy decision for me – and for my team. The idea that we might – through what we do each day – provide some financial guidance that leads someone to a better, securer and more fulfilling path, is what drives our commitment.

But, I will admit, returning to the project in 2014 was a slightly more selfish choice. You see, in becoming involved with this project, I have expanded my circle of influence – both personally and professionally – to include an amazing group of caring, community-minded, and thoroughly energizing individuals.  The Ottawa Makeover Project partners, myself included, each share in the idea that we can provide something positive to the Project recipient – and the Project recipient is no slouch either. Last year’s recipient, Johanne Kenney, went above and beyond anything we could have expected and I am happy now to be able to call her a friend. It was our role to motivate and support her but she has become a force of inspiration for which we are all thankful.

Our 2014 recipient has big shoes to fill but I can guarantee that whomever that lucky person may be, we are all looking forward to meeting him or her and learning as much from him/her as he/she will from us.


– Colleen O’Connell-Campbell, Senior Wealth Advisor, ScotiaMcLeod
Ottawa Makeover Project partner