I Love Success Stories

Don’t you love those “Where are they now?” television shows that look back at makeovers? Don’t you love to see that a once disorganized hoarder living in squalor has maintained their new home decor? Or that a frumpy housewife has kept up her sassy and glamourous new look?

I joined the Ottawa Makeover Project because I want to help the recipient make this a whole life makeover that lasts, not only to look good on the outside six months from now, but also to have a fulfilled, purpose driven, and happy life moving forward for years to come.

We are a team, all of us on the Ottawa Makeover Project, because each piece of this makeover puzzle is essential. The recipient needs to feel well and able in their body to focus on a full life. They also need the boost of self-esteem from a gorgeous smile, face and hair. They need to have their worries and stress addressed by finances and estate planning. And once this is rolling, we can then move on to maintaining and sustain the life they want.

I strongly believe that we all need to address four foundational aspects of our life to find happiness: Our Body, Our Mindset, Our Boundaries and Our Spirit or Life Purpose. By addressing these parts of our lives and thriving in them, we are then resilient enough to face whatever life throws at us… because ultimately life does eventually present some bumps in the road. This is the gift I want to give to the recipient of the Ottawa Makeover Project, the gift of Preventative Resilience, the gift of lifelong happiness.

Best of luck to all the applicants!
I cannot wait to roll up my sleeves and help the recipient to turn their life around.


– Tammy Plunkett, Life Coach
Ottawa Makeover Project Partner