Your Season of Change Can Start Right Now

Guest Blogger Johanne Kenney is the 2013 recipient of The Ottawa Makeover Project – follow her ongoing adventures on Twitter: @NPJo


Autumn is a season of change. Experiencing summer gently give way to fall signals a reminder that before we know it, many will be cocooned in heavy snow gear seeking comfort food and denying ourselves the joy of playing outside. We will be adding layer after layer of clothes, a symbolic gesture of hibernation that doesn’t always stop at fabric. In Ottawa, the cold winter months can be excuses for not exercising outdoors, or for eating high calorie comfort foods (who is going to see our bodies under all this wool?).

Last fall, I chose to apply to The Ottawa Makeover Project so that I could embrace the changing of the season, and evolve with it. Instead of hibernating, I wanted to peel away the layers of habit and complacency and see if I could discover my best self. The thought of having support in that journey was what motivated me to apply. I felt that, if I just APPLIED, it could be a catalyst of change. Breaking that mental barrier that we often build, that stops us from experiencing change, was the first step. I didn’t expect to be chosen. I just wanted to make a promise to myself that this would be a true season of CHANGE.

When I learned that I was chosen to participate I was shocked! I couldn’t believe something that incredible could happen to anyone. I began to have appointments to meet with the makeover providers one by one. In meeting with them I realized that my quest for change really could be realized with their support! These were REAL people and services right here in my community, talented makeover partners that could help polish my potential for self-improvement.

It is serendipitous that the project starts during a season of change, a season of gratitude. Until midnight October 13th, Thanksgiving Monday, you have a chance to submit your application to The Ottawa Makeover Project. You can make a promise to yourself that by applying, you are ready to accept change in your life. Or, you can make a promise to someone else, by nominating them, that you believe in their capacity for change. The project partners are genuinely good people who want to be a part of something big. This isn’t too good to be true. It’s all the changes you’ve always wanted to make in your life, kick started. In a six month period of time, you will be given the education and tools you need to create YOUR season of change. Why not give them a chance to meet you? Apply to the before the deadline. On Thanksgiving Day, be grateful for having the courage to want to be the very best you! A year later, I remain grateful for taking this opportunity, and I can’t wait to watch YOUR journey!

-Johanne Kenney

October, 2014