A New Year wish from our 2014/2015 recipient, Nikki Hello Ottawa!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself… I am a new home sales rep, a volunteer, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a Mother. I also happen to be the ecstatic recipient of the 2014 Ottawa Makeover Project!


My 4 active teenagers keep me young at heart and on my toes. They are the loves of my life and my reason for being.

My husband is a self-proclaimed geek and the most caring, nurturing and kind-hearted person I know. He has taught me about how sexy smart can be.

We have a beautiful home in a warm and generous community. We are truly blessed and have so very much to be thankful for. Like most people, life does not come without challenges. So many of us lead crazy busy lives and sometimes the most difficult part of our daily routine is to make time for ourselves.

I first applied for the Ottawa Makeover Project after seeing it on Facebook. In fact, I left the application page open on my computer for nearly a month before I decided to apply. The deadline was October 13th which has always been a lucky day for me. It is the day my daughter was born. I am a semi-superstitious person who believes whole-heartedly that my children are my good luck charms. I figured I had nothing to lose, yet everything to gain – so I applied. Not in a million years did I think that I would be the lucky recipient of such generous gift of self-care. So, fast-forward to today.

As the New Year approaches, I will be two months into this six month journey to a whole new me! Or, better yet, rediscovering the real me! If asked, I would say that my personal goals would be to become stronger, build confidence and improve my all around wellness– physically and spiritually. I have to admit that the first two weeks of this project were a whirlwind that almost seem surreal to me as I write about this wonderful experience.

There were questions asked, photos taken, videos filmed, and initial consultations scheduled. In the midst of all of this, I was treated to a “day at the spa” at Rinaldo and began spending a couple of mornings a week with an Executive Fitness Leaders personal trainer who, in a short time, has already changed my life for the better. She has helped give me strength and brought activity back to my life that had been put on pause for the past three years. I am looking forward to the time I will spend with Colleen O’Connell-Campbell, Dr. Andrea Stevens, Dr. James Lacey and Delaney Law as my Ottawa Makeover Project unfolds.

Some of the most powerful words shared with me to date were from my beautiful Life Coach Tammy Plunkett. She has encouraged me to not lose sight of the vision I have for myself while trying to please everyone else as they try to achieve the vision that they may have in mind for me.

Hmmm…That certainly made me pause to think…

I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit to flailing a little bit. I am sure that my fellow overachievers will relate to this – we like to push ourselves. Often to the point where we forget to catch our breath and enjoy the moment, the experience as it is happening. It is so important to enjoy our accomplishments rather than sabotage them by focusing on minor set-backs we may encounter along the way.

I am learning that “me time” is not something to feel guilty about. Who would have guessed that something so simple could potentially pose such a challenge?! But, only if I let it.

As I sit here, seeking peace in a strong cup of coffee, I find myself reflecting on a secular tradition: The act of making a promise to myself – one of self-improvement. This is a time to think about the things we want to change; or better yet, improve upon. The Ottawa Makeover Project is my opportunity to enjoy my own little “Operation Feel Good”. I can’t help but feel that I need to do something different; something more.

So, as we begin the New Year, I will make a promise to myself as well as to my wonderful giftors: I will recognize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the biggest obstacle in the way of it is me. I will put my Saboteur (that little devil called self-doubt) away and embrace this journey for all it has to offer. After all, the journey is the destination and all we can hope for is to have fun along the way and reap the rewards that will be sure to follow.

With every New Year that passes, my greatest wish is always for good health and happiness, comfort and peace to be enjoyed by each and every member of my family, my dear friends and colleagues alike. As we ring in the 2015, I am going to try something new as well. I am going to include myself in this New Year’s wish.

This year, above all others, I will embrace this wonderful opportunity as it has been offered to me. In my journey to not only discovering my authentic self, but also in feeling comfortable and at peace with her, I am making it my goal to find the self-comfort I have searched for my entire life and look forward to a year and a lifetime of just plain simply feeling great!


Here’s to our health – Happiest of New Years to All!

– Nikki
2014/2015 Ottawa Makeover Project Recipient