In Cathy’s Words: Celebrity Status (well, it sure feels that way to me)!

This makeover journey has been a wild ride, in all the best ways, from the moment I learned I’d won!

There was an immediate reaching out by project partners offering me hearty congratulations and expressing their excitement at getting to work with me! Pretty heady stuff for someone like me!

I don’t see myself as a celebrity, but I feel like one! It is most humbling to have such an amazing array of successful professionals offering their time, talent and expertise to make my life better.

When I stopped in at SupperWorks in Kanata that first week, I was surprised to see my name on their white board where they welcome folks and cite their support of the OTTAWA MAKEOVER PROJECT. Below that appeared ‘Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Cathy Whitney’.

I have never been a fan of getting my picture taken! And yet, this adventure has meant pictures, video, interviews, posting, tweeting, more pictures, emails, phone calls, booking appointments and being introduced to some of this city’s very best business owners – ALL while continuing to do my best at my wonderful job!  Yes, I’m biased because they’re all part of my life transforming journey, but to step-up and be part of something like this speaks volumes of their caring hearts.

I know there are 1000s of businesses in the area with kind-hearted owners; I know many of them. Frankly, I am one of them! But within the parameters of THE OTTAWA MAKEOVER PROJECT, I am meeting and being cared for by an incredible group dedicated to helping me becoming the very best version of me.

I’m looking forward to becoming CATHY WHITNEY 2.0! However, at my core, I will always be CATHY WHITNEY 1.0 – the original, the unique, the one and only. There have been many tears shed in the course of this journey – and we’re only at the start of week three.

The teary side of things, the good bad and ugly that will be part of this journey will be shared. In the weeks ahead, I will share my experience with each of the OTTAWA MAKEOVER PROJECT partners so you can all get to know them better. I am very much looking forward to this journey!

Are you ready? I am!

Stay tuned!

– Cathy