Why Cathy?

On November 2, 2015 I was so fortunate to introduce our third Ottawa Makeover Project winner, Cathy Whitney, to Ottawa on Majic 100 FM and on CTV Morning Live! Cathy was chosen from a group of women and men who applied for the opportunity to jump start huge changes in their lives.

Maybe you are wondering…why did we choose Cathy this year? I have to tell you, it was a super difficult decision, and one our team did not take lightly. Cathy’s story was similar to some…single mom of grown kids, working for someone else while at the same time running her own business. As with other applicants, she put all of her energy into raising her two terrific kids, letting her own needs slide.  And yet, Cathy’s application video, which you can watch here showed a woman determined to make this project the springboard for, as she called it, “Cathy 2.0”. Our team loved the energy, the positive attitude, the determination she expressed.

Ottawa Makeover Project.WinningAnnoucement

So what happens now for Cathy? Well, she has already begun by meeting with the various businesses involved with the project, started her personal training, getting her time organized…and it’s been less than 2 weeks since we told her she was chosen!

In terms of what I have planned for Cathy in regards to dentistry…Cathy is like many patients I’ve met over the 21 years I’ve been a dentist. She made sure her children had the best dental care (and whatever else they needed), and let her own oral health support go on the back burner. She does take excellent care of her teeth, but now she needs the professional touch. We will be teaching Cathy about the relationship between oral health and whole-body health, and helping her strengthen that relationship with our dental team by her side. Her smile is already terrific, but we can’t wait to see her smile completely match her personality…bright and full of life!

As the founder of the Ottawa Makeover Project, it is also my personal quest to help guide and support Cathy throughout this journey. I cannot wait to see Cathy 2.0 slowly develop over these next months as she takes the advice and direction from all of the businesses involved in this project. Please join me and the rest of the Makeover Team in sharing positive messages with Cathy during this time!

– Dr. Andrea Stevens