Twiss & Weber & OMP

After seeing the Ottawa Makeover Project on CTV last year, Tonia Weber and I, (Laura Twiss) could tell right away that we wanted to be part of the project. As designers of our own line of women’s clothes, which we manufacture in our shop on Wellington West, we are not only a small, local business in Ottawa, we are also in the business of transforming women’s lives through clothes and transforming wardrobes.

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Getting dressed in the morning or deciding what to wear on that special night out can be challenging for many women. Some of us own too many pieces of clothing to be able to make good decisions about what to wear, while many of us settle for ill-fitting clothes or clothes we do not even like, never mind love!

Having worked in the industry for nearly two decades, Tonia and I have dressed many women and we know the power of a wardrobe transformation that works in one’s favour, regardless of body type, profession, or income. We have witnessed many transformations in our clients, seeing them move from the habit of mindlessly or impulsively purchasing clothes to consciously building a wardrobe that they love. And that is why we wanted to be part of the Ottawa Makeover Project.

This year, throughout her OMP journey, we will be providing Cathy Whitney with services that are available to any of our clients. Once we get to know a little more about Cathy and her preferences, we will be providing a 3-hour wardrobe consultation at her home, including an inventory of her closet. We will be looking for statement or investment pieces that a wardrobe could be built around. We will then eliminate pieces that she does not wear, that do not fit (and cannot be altered) or that she does not feel good wearing. Our standard is actually higher than feeling “good” – it’s feeling fantastic, but we will let Cathy decide how she wants to feel on any given day.

Once we have completed the inventory, Cathy will receive a map of her wardrobe so that she can remember how to build outfits we have assembled. She will also receive a list of pieces that are missing from her wardrobe, which she may want to keep an eye out for in order to build a more versatile wardrobe. We will share with Cathy our business philosophy of “take command of your own style”, which will allow her to express who she is and how she feels through what she wears.

We will also help Cathy sort the pieces that have been eliminated from her closet. Some may need to be altered and reincorporated into her wardrobe, while others will be donated and used by others in our communities. Many clients choose to pass garments along to family and friends while others donate them to local charities, like Saint Vincent de Paul and Dress for Success Ottawa, with whom Twiss & Weber work closely.

With a smaller and more manageable wardrobe, Cathy will have a few months to try out the new outfits and styles available to her before her OMP journey concludes. To help her celebrate her hard work and the inevitable transformation she will experience, we will work with Cathy at our shop to help her select the outfit from the Twiss & Weber spring collection that she will wear at her reveal on CTV in May. It may be something off the rack or something custom ordered just for her – whatever her choice, we know she will feel fantastic being the best version of herself.

Cathy, good luck on your OMP journey and we look forward to being part of your transformation! Readers, stay tuned, as we will be blogging about the services we provide throughout the project in the months ahead!

Laura Twiss