In Cathy’s Words: Ottawa Makeover Project Two Months Down…

As the founder of the Ottawa Makeover Project, it is also my personal quest to help guide and support Cathy throughout this journey. I cannot wait to see Cathy 2.0 slowly develop over these next months as she takes the advice and direction from all of the businesses involved in this project. Please join me and the rest of the Makeover Team in sharing positive messages with Cathy during this time!

– Dr. Andrea Stevens

I am so emotional as I craft this message. The statement above from Dr. Andrea Stevens makes me tear up because Dr. Stevens’ commitment is unwavering; that she truly cares about me and my experience is so apparent as is the fact that she has the respect of all the project partners who are all so happy to be part of this initiative Andrea – you’re truly an earth Angel.

The OTTAWA MAKEOVER PROJECT is a MONUMENTAL effort on all fronts – rather overwhelming for me at times, but so totally worth it. I could never thank-you enough, Andrea, for being the catalyst for change that this Makeover represents for me! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

We’re 2 months into the journey and it has been, and continues to be, INCREDIBLE.

The partners have ALL stepped up to ensure my experience is truly wonderful. It is like an entourage of experts who are committed to helping me discover CATHY WHITNEY 2.0!!

More to come…