The Realization That It’s Time to Change

When Cathy and I first met via email in late October, it was very apparent that she and I were going to do a lot of great work together.

Cathy was ready! She was hungry to change the things in her life that she was fed up with. She had been putting everyone and everything else first on her priority list, and she was clearly at the bottom. It was now her time for her to be first.

In her own words, “This is my time. Time for me to be the woman I know I can be. It’s time for Cathy 2.0.”

For the first couple of weeks, I gave Cathy simple assignments and with each, she embraced them wholeheartedly. The gift that she gave herself was the awareness that she was creating for herself.

The first assignment that I gave her was to simply look at her life, all areas of her life, and make a list of all the things she had been tolerating. This included clutter in her home, feelings that were weighing her down, thoughts that didn’t serve her anymore. All she needed to do was become aware of them and add them to the list.

No sooner did 48 hours go by that Cathy sent me a detailed email about how this one exercise was opening her eyes to so much more than just the clutter she had in her home. It also brought old, negative beliefs about herself to the surface, including shame for all the stuff she had kept in her life, on the inside-out, outside-in.

I told her that her awareness was the first step and that we’d get through the tolerations and the extra stuff in her life, together.

For the first four weeks, we worked on the letting go process. I wanted her to then move from awareness to letting go. She was then assigned the task to begin letting go of some of the things that were easier for her to part with. These were extra clothes, towels and linens that she brought to charity. She started re-organizing some of her WOW Mom kitchen tools for a business that she once owned and was looking to start again.

Through this initial process, she began to rebuild her self-confidence. She was feeling more in charge and ready to make the next big steps. In a very short amount of time, she had begun to reshape her life so that she had more of want she truly wanted and less of what was weighing her down.

Cathy came a long way in our first few sessions together. The next big step was letting me inside her home to begin the home transformation.

– Pierrette