In Cathy’s Words: Two Thought Provoking Questions

A.K.A. Two thought provoking questions that set my commitment to the OMP in Motion…

Hard to believe that the Ottawa Makeover Project is set to wrap-up with THE BIG REVEAL next Friday, 13 May at 845 am on CTV Morning Live. I’m excited beyond words for that!

This blog post is VERY personal – it is my VERY FIRST response to Pierrette Raymond before we’d even met in person. It was tough to answer so honestly because it is raw, but it is real!

I invite any and all of you who read this to ask yourselves the same questions and save it. In 6 months’ time, pull out your answers and see where you are in relation to what you said on this particular day, in this particular moment.

QUESTION: If you knew you had just one more year to live and the next six months were going to enrich your life and the lives of others in more ways than you can count, what would be your biggest hope, wish, dream?

HOPE – that my children would know to their very core how much I love them, how precious they are to me, how the sacrifices I made were always worth it to make their lives the best and give them the solid foundation to launch into their destinies. The same essentially, for my family & friends – anyone with a place in my world, my life, my heart.

That those who have shared my journey, may be inspired to take a leap of faith, to commit to making 1 change or 10 or none; being comfortable with the person they are and recognizing that loving ourselves first opens us to loving others.

MY HOPE FOR ME would be that I made a difference. That those who knew me would have fond memories of me and what I brought to their lives.

WISH/DREAM – that I would get to buy my home and go to Disney. Both have been my dream forever; I wanted to give my kids a home that was truly ours (we moved about 14 times in 22 years) and I have loved Mickey Mouse my whole life – it is my dream to meet him and share the happiest place on earth with my children. (I am crying so hard right now in frustration that the 2 things I’ve wanted most STILL haven’t happened and I just don’t know if they ever will – it makes me so sad and frustrated. )
QUESTION: What legacy do you want to leave for your loved ones as you live fully today? What do you want to model as the person you are (or are becoming)?

Be bold. Be brave. Be Courageous.
Leap fearlessly.
Make mistakes and learn from them.
Hug your kids. Every time you see them.
Tell your kids you love them. Every time you see them.
Don’t take ANYONE or ANY DAY for granted.

My legacy – that I made the world a better place by being kind, funny, compassionate, empathetic, generous, enthusiastic, wacky, authentic and someone with a strong moral compass, hands made for helping, heart made for caring and feet ready to walk that extra mile (or more).

That I was someone they were proud to know.

As for who I am becoming… this is one ready to launch version of me.

The makeover is simultaneously exhilarating with its scope and exhausting with the magnitude of what’s to come!

I really like who I am essentially, but know that there’s a better version of me that is waiting to emerge from the chrysalis of stress, struggles and aggravation that have been my reality for far too long.

You will here more from me in the days ahead.

Stay tuned!