She did it: Photos from the big reveal

Well, that’s it!  Cathy 2.0 is here and the 2015/2016 edition of The Ottawa Makeover Project comes to a close once again.  Here is a look at the fun we had after the live-on-CTV-Morning-Live reveal on May 13th (you can see that here:

Cathy and her entourage

Cathy and Photographer Howard Sandler    Cathy and EFL Personal Trainer Kyle

 Cathy and Live Well's Dr. Sabrina    Cathy and Pierrette Raymond

Cathy and Eating Well Ottawa    Cathy and Rinaldos

Cathy and ScotiaWealth advisor Colleen O'Connell-Campbell    Cathy and Shelley True of TRUEdotDESIGN

Cathy and Lawyer Russ Molot    Cathy and the Supperworks crew

Cathy with Twiss & Weber    Cathy and Eyes on Ottawa's Stayci Keetch

Cathy with Doctor Andrea Stevens


Missing from the photos:  Our friends at Myers Kanata.


And now…for some behind the scenes fun:

on_set_4385 on_set_4396 reveal_4393 selfies_4461




All photos by Howard Sandler Photography